Working Team

Sunil Thakur

Mr President / Owner @ 3WM
The fat old drunk guy roaming around, drinking half of the beers & singing ...

Sahil Shah

The man behind the scenes, Formerly known as the Gatekeeper, now I reply to all ...

Shyam Vador

 Looks after the supporters club finances.  Also known as the voice ...

Aditya Rathod

Celebrity / Creative Head
In-charge of all creatives for MUSCM, Other then that, make United videos on ...

Karn Rateria

Events & PR
Part pizza, part popcorn, majority beer. Generally seen at screenings getting ...

Shwn Perera

Screening & Football Coordinator
Yes, his name is Shwn without the A. Weird right? But then he's the one who ...

Abhishek Dhar

Social Media
Says - "I'm the one who knocks, err, tweets!"

Mihir Sheth

The fat young drunk guy roaming around in 3WM Vashi, drinking beer from a boot ...